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Charlottesville Response

Charlottesville Response

Here are a few resources teachers can use as they think about how to respond to recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia:


Anti-White Supremacy Call-In Tips

By Debby Irving


Standing Up Against Hate

Teaching Tolerance, Issue 56, Summer 2017

By Mica Pollack


There Is No Apolitical Classroom: Resources for Teaching in These Times

Literacy and NCTE (blog)

By members of the NCTE Standing Committee Against Racism and Bias in the Teaching of English


The Reconstruction Era and the Fragility of Democracy

Facing History, Facing Ourselves


Seven Ways Teachers Can Respond to the Evil of Charlottesville, Staring Now”


By Xian Franzinger Barrett


The Other Inconvenient Truth

By Charles Blow

New York Times, August 17, 2017

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