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TWW is committed to offering schools and universities a variety of opportunities for looking at how racial identity development impacts teaching and learning.  Below are a sample of workshops and presentations we can provide for staff development. We seek to partner with schools to develop a professional growth opportunity that is aligned with your institution's particular needs. So, all of these offerings can be customized based on your particular needs.

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How Racial Identity Development Impacts Teaching/Learning

  • Why does race matter in the classroom?

  • What are the stages of racial identity development?

  • What does healthy racial identity look, sound, and feel like? Addressing “racial stress” in the classroom via the research of H. Stevenson, author of Promoting Racial Literacy in Schools

 Incorporating Racial Identity into Curriculum:

  • Why is it important for students to see themselves in curriculum?

  • How to bring student experience into what you teach

  • What are some strategies for changing teaching practice for more inclusion?

  • Combine understanding of own racial identity with practical, classroom application

The Importance of Noticing and Naming White Identity:

  • What does it mean to be“white” at my institution?

  • Understanding the stages of white racial identity development

  • Ideas for talking about “whiteness” in the classroom

Why High Expectations Equal Student Achievement:

  • Current research: how important are teacher expectations? Why do they matter?

  • How can we ensure that our expectations for all students are appropriate and not limited by factors such as stereotype threat and/or implicit bias?

  • What does it mean to be a “warm demander”?

Assessing the Quality of Teacher-Student Relationships:

  • Current research from W. Boykin & P. Noguera on TSQR

  • How can we build better relationships with our students?

  • What are some strategies for connecting with your students?

White, Anti-Racist, Teacher or Parent Discussion Groups:

  • Space for white people to explore white, anti-racist, racial identity and white privilege

  • Build culture of white, anti-racism

  • Name and practice challenging racism

  • Unlearn racism and oppressive behaviors